FITC: Notes from AdverGaming session

(Notes from Flash in the Can conference)

Flash 8 AdverGaming Development- Sam Rivello.

casual games — extremely simple gameplay — allow gameplay in short bursts — 2d, abstract graphics — generally mouse-based

Trial-purchase business model
right now: $6b online gaming
2009 — est. $9.8n billion annually

consumer type — 29% casual = $2 to $3 billion a year

Bejewelled is the “crowning achievement” in casual games

the more abstract a game, the longer its shelf life —up to a point

flash games — extremely low development overhead, compared to PC/Console games.

[look up code for surrounding/lasso-ing with a mouse]

how long should the game be played? length of visit
how often should the game be replayed? number of visits

design game to be update-able — keep it fresh

8 weeks seems to be the standard lifetime of a (version of a) casual game

-proposal — just put in enough info to get them to accept the idea. Not so much that the idea appears inflexible . don’t get bogged down in the details.

-pitching the game can be more difficult than building the game

“high frequency gameplay” : Won’t play long, but will play frequently.

-are you measuring number of gameplays, or length of gameplays?

-remember to explicitly point out what is NOT in the game

-Make sure you are specific about WHO OWNS THE CODE!!!!
-review rounds
-payment schedule
-secure assets
-begin programming

-work directly with ONE POINT of client contact

-agree upon a maintenance contract/schedule — update game on a regular schedule — new questions, new power-ups, that kind of thing. Keeps eyes coming back

-DO A POST-MORTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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