FiTC: Introducing the Chumby

Introducing the Chumby
Steve Tomlin CEO
Duane Maxwell Head of Software Engineering

What is Chumby?

-still in Alpha-level prototype
-A device
-a company
-a media (widget) network

-plug powered, wifi connected
-connects to Chumby network
-runs Flash Lite 2.1.1, eventually Flash Lite 3

Flash Lite community
-Chumby team
business partner
flash community at large

Why is Chumby?
-some stuff on internet is REALLY important to us
-we can’t spend all day in front of our computers
-but we want the internet around us all the time
-PCs require interaction and full attention and don’t integrate well into our lives
-smartphones don’t PUSH, they PULL
-think “look at your watch” rather than “browse on a PC”
-we want a lot of info in our lives

Chumby: the religion
-make it inexpensive
-make it powerful
-make it “open”

-we sell Chumbys as close to cost as possible
-Chumbys display, they don’t store—always connected to Chumby network
-network grows: more widgets

-we create audience for your work
unlike mobile phone ecosystems, Chumby is open
-no taxes, no publishers, no carrier certification, no deck placement issues
-i.e. fewer middlemen
-Chumby is viral; Chumby content providers retain total control of their content; think of it as Chumby having a license for our work

if widgets are good, they should be available everywhere
-virtual Chumbys in MySpace, apple dashboard, cellphones, etc.
-widgets should be everywhere, and Flash is more fun

-price $165, +$9.95 s&h
-if it is cheaper, we will lose $$
-no additional fees
-no subscriptions
-accessories (chumBling)
-new classic colors, plus limited editions

-accessories to customize chumby (currently 1 USB port, later probably 2)
[input from stuff talked about in “making it physical” ]
-FM radio adapter

-launch this summer with Flash Lite III
-Flash video & audio
-based on Flash 8

-create and upload cool Flash Lite Widgets
-stay in touch with us (blogs, forms, wikis)
-move to San Diego and work for us!

3 versions of Chumby
-foo — prototype last august
-katamari — 2nd gen prototype
-ironforge (production)

[photo of lots of screens — too much info to type]

Chumbys talk loudly over LANs

-Chumby doesn’t need to be on network to test new hardware/software

-public widgets are hosted on chumby server, but content that Chumby displays can be pulled from anywhere

-the CHUMBY is going to be freaking cool!

-Chumby native resolution is 320 x 240px, but it is Flash, so it is vector

-ads will be more sponsors, rather than commercials
-“chumBooty” — offer for stuff, ring tone, scavenger hunt clue, etc.
-“advertoon” think YouTube, but with advertising
-ads will keep the bandwidth free.
-possible future subscription for people who don’t want ads at all.
-“we’re trying not to screw it up and make it annoying”
-pin-out for larger LCD? Yes, info on forum.
-video — playing 12fps full screen takes up 60% CPU, on the alpha build of Chumby

-Chumby network — limited to Flash files
-a lot of work has gone into privacy/security, so there won’t be any Benedict Chumbys

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