FiTC: Notes from The Blind Sketchmaker

The Blind Sketchmaker- exploring evolutionary and generative art with Flash
Mario Klingemann –

Can computers create art all by themselves?

No: Only artists can create art.

[stuff about art as a system of belief]

art happens because our brains want an assignment after the basic work is done:

color – find food
danger – pattern matching
aim/estimate distance
orient/find your way home
-select mating partner
-protect and care for offspring
-learn new things
-get bored

What makes it art? Good networking

Komar and Melamid: “America’s most wanted painting”

Artist battle
is it art or not?

If not Art can computers at least create art?
can computers create interesting pictures?

Learning to see
-The more you know, the more you see
-What do we have to look for?
-How can we tell art from noise?
-How can a program “See” after all?

This session = Too much art, not enough generative.

This session has nothing to do with anything. I just wasted an hour.

Well, he pulled it together a little bit in the last five minutes, showing us how his tool creates generative art…based on the “Biomorph” experiments of Richard Dawkins.

It has created some badass art.

Great tool, fantastic experiment, boring session

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