Another PhotoFly Test

Here is another PhotoFly test. This is a stone bench outside of GRCC. PhotoFly found enough texture in the concrete that it was able to create the scene in one go, without me having to manually designate common points in any of the photos. You can see where PhotoFly still has problems with some areas, particularly where the texture in the foreground is too similar to the texture in the background. Notice the distortion on the bottom of the right underside of the bench. Also in the close-up of the underside there are a couple of small holes.

One improvement for PhotoFly would be the option to go back and fix errors which it has made when stitching photos. Alternately, re-render the scene, perhaps having the rendering engine run through the photos in a different order so it comes up with different “assumptions” about how the points in the photos fit together.

Bench 13

Also, here is one of the photos I used to create this render. Click it to see the rest. There are 23, and they are all of the bench. Not terribly exciting, but you will get an idea of how PhotoFly pulls information to create a 3d object.

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