Kirk Park, Christmas Eve 2013

By Christmas Eve the ice had stopped falling and we had an inch or so of snow taking the edge off. This made it fairly easy to drive out to Kirk Park in time to catch the sunset over Lake Michigan. I have the entire set available for viewing on Flickr.


The dune path leading to the water was covered by a shell of ice at least two inches thick. This was not obvious until I stepped on it and slid, feet out front like on a toboggan, to the bottom of the dune. Anyone on an actual sled probably could have easily made it to the waterline.


The clouds came in from the west in two distinct layers; the higher ones which flowed to the horizon, and the lower ones which formed over the water and dropped lake-effect snow farther inland.


On the beach the ice made for treacherous footing. Out in the water I could see some small chunks of ice floating and growing, and tiny ice crystals forming where the cold air pulled the heat from the water.


On the shoreline the beginning of what would become huge piles of ice began to form.


As they day wound down the sun came through at an oblique angle and created spots of brilliant color in an otherwise muted landscape.

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