A Collection of Links Concerning Jim Harrison

This post is a central point where I can collect articles about, and interviews with, the American author Jim Harrison. I’m trying to keep them in roughly chronological order. One interesting effect of this is listening to his voice change through the years, and being able to hear him in my head while reading the print articles.

The Art of Fiction No. 104 – Paris Review interview, Summer 1988

Between Dog and Wolf (French documentary on JH), 1993

Writers and Company interview with JH from 1994. (audio)

“Will Write for Food”; NYT interview with JH, April 1994.

Excerpt from a documentary c. 1997. (video)

Wild Duck Review interview with JH from 1997.

Joseph Bednarik interviews Jim Harrison, October 2000.

JH readingĀ at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico – February 2002. (video)

JH conversation with Peter Lewis, February 2002 (video)

Robert Birnbaum interviews JH for The Morning News, June 2004.

Pleasures of the Hard-Worn Life – New York Times article 2007.

All Things Considered review of Returning to Earth, February 2007. (audio)

Interview for PlumTV, c. 2008. (video)

Article about Harrison’s Montana farm house; Wall Street Journal c. 2009.

PBS Newshour interview with JH, 2009. (video and transcript)

Daily Beast interview c. 2010.

Outside Magazine article about JH – “The Last Lion” c. 2011.

Interview with JH in Patagonia Arizona, February 2012. (video)

“Courage and Survival” essay by JH in Brick Magazine c. 2012.

Mario Batali interview Jim Harrison for Food & Wine Magazine, April 2013

“Four Meals with Jim Harrison” – HuffPost Books, May 2013

Q&A with Jim Harrison – Oregon Live, December 2013

“It Has to Come to You” – Jim Harrison discusses Theodor Roethke in The Atlantic, January 2014

“What I’ve Learned” – article in Esquire Magazine, August 2014

“A Prairie Prologue in Nebraska” – essay by JH in the New York Times, January 2015

“The Rodney Dangerfield of Literature” – essay in The Daily Beast, February 2015

“An Afternoon with Jim” – article in The Big Timber Pioneer, October 2015

The Gospel According to Jim – article in Angler’s Journal, February 2016

This page will be updated as I find more links.

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