I Got Nuthin’

For the first time in many month, I have endured a terrible week where no new reading material arrived at the library of Winkelman Abbey. At this rate I may end up reading as many as 50% of my books before I die of old age, and that thought makes me feel oddly claustrophobic.

In reading news, I finished Ours is the Storm by D. Thourson Palmer, and have just opened The Nine by Tracy Townsend. This is another ConFusion acquisition, as was the Palmer book and several others from earlier this year. I love being able to read and enjoy the works of people I know personally (if not well). ConFusion is wonderful like that. I am also progressing through Jessica Comola’s poetry collection everything we met changed form & followed the rest. I hope to have both books complete by the beginning of June, as summer looks to be extremely busy.

The photo for this post is one of over five dozen fish in a mural created at 555 Monroe Avenue here in Grand Rapids. The specific fish was created by local artist James Broe.

A Little at a Time

Little by little this thing is coming together. I got around the IE6 fuckup bug by redoing the layout as absolutely positioned DIV tags, rather than floated DIV tags. The only browser which will be broken by this will not load the stylesheet at all.

While studying up on some artists I came across Olga’s Gallery , a huge collection of scans of artists from all eras, from all over the world. Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Titian, all four Brueghels; well over a hundred artists and over a thousand works of art.

This is the only place on-line where I have found Ivan the Terrible and His Son by Repin, scanned with any skill at all.

And so to bed.