2020 Books and Reading Material Acquisitions List

Welcome to the Big List of Books for 2020. This is the sixth iteration of the list of books and reading materials acquired by the Library at Winkelman Abbey. The previous five are here:

This list will continue the process started last year – book titles will link to the book publisher or distributor or other place (like Indiebound) where books can be purchased. Only as a last resort (or in the event the book was created using CreateSpace) will the link go to Amazon.

And as always, you can find the complete list of book I own over at LibraryThing, and the terribly incomplete list of books I have read over at GoodReads.

January (27)

  1. Gibson, AndreaLord of the Butterflies (Button Poetry)
  2. McGuire, SeananEvery Heart a Doorway
  3. Hurley, KameronThe Light Brigade
  4. Berardi, Franco “Bifo”Breathing: Chaos and Poetry (Semiotext(e))
  5. El-Mohtar, Amal and Gladstone, MaxThis Is How You Lose the Time War
  6. Landsman, KerenThe Heart of the Circle (Angry Robot)
  7. Eichenlaub, AnthonyHonor in an Age of Metal and Men
  8. Bell, E.D.E.Diamondsong (Atthis Arts)
  9. Bell, E.D.E. (ed.) – Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove (Atthis Arts)
  10. Bell, E.D.E. (ed.) – As Told By Things (Atthis Arts)
  11. MarsalisApeman Rex
  12. Steinmetz, FerrettThe Sol Majestic
  13. Pike, J. ZacharyA Song of Three Spirits (Gnomish Press)
  14. Sanford, JasonHeaven’s Touch and Other Science Fiction Dreams
  15. Sanford, JasonNever Never Stories
  16. Cipri, NinoHomesick (Dzanc Books)
  17. Eichorn, ShannonRights of Use (Astra Invicta Publishing)
  18. Stewart, GlynnStarship’s Mage (Faolan’s Pen Publishing)
  19. Hurley, KameronEmpire Ascendant (Angry Robot)
  20. Hurley, KameronThe Broken Heavens (Angry Robot)
  21. Gibbs, Mary LynneThe Dragon’s Curse (Dragon’s Roost Press)
  22. Cieslak, MichaelUrbane Decay (Source Point Press)
  23. Principia Discordia (Steve Jackson Games)
  24. Howey, HughHalf Way Home
  25. Thomas, Lynne M. and Thomas, Michael Damian (eds.) – The Best of Uncanny (Subterranean Press)
  26. Poetry #215.5 (February 2020)
  27. Kim, Sagwab, Book, and Me (Two Lines Press)

February (10)

  1. Murnane, GeraldInvisible Yet Enduring Lilacs (And Other Stories)
  2. VanderMeer, JeffDead Astronauts
  3. Berardi, Franco “Bifo”The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance (Semiotext(e))
  4. Jacobin #26 (Winter 2020)
  5. The Invisible CommitteeThe Coming Insurrection (Semiotext(e))
  6. Tikkanen, MärtaThe Love Story of the Century (Deep Vellum)
  7. That We May Live (Two Lines Press)
  8. Poetry #215.6 (March 2020)
  9. Sriduangkaew, BenjanunWinterglass (Apex Book Company)
  10. Sriduangkaew, BenjanunMirrorstrike (Apex Book Company)

March (9)

  1. The Paris Review #232 (Spring 2020)
  2. Schiefauer, JessicaGirls Lost (Deep Vellum)
  3. Rain Taxi #25.1 (Spring 2020)
  4. Ho Sok FongLake Like a Mirror (Two Lines Press)
  5. Callard, Agnes (ed.) – Boston Review #45.1, On Anger (Boston Review)
  6. Kovacs, Christopher S.The Ides of Octember: A Pictoral Bibliography of Roger Zelazny (NESFA Press)
  7. Ashton, DyrkPaternus: Rise of Gods (Kickstarter exclusive hardcover, signed and numbered)
  8. Ashton, DyrkPaternus: Rise of Gods (paperback, signed)
  9. Dreamforge #5, March 2020

April (12)

  1. Ortiz, Monica TeresaAutobiography of a Semiromantic Anarchist (Host Publications)
  2. Chang, KristinPast Lives, Future Bodies (Black Lawrence Press)
  3. Ghalayini, Basma (ed.) – Palestine +100: Stories from a Century After the Nakba (Comma Press)
  4. Tichý, AndrzejWretchedness (And Other Stories)
  5. Unferth, Deb OlinBarn 8 (And Other Stories)
  6. Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #8 (Fall 2019)
  7. Karimi, FowziaAbove Us the Milky Way (Deep Vellum)
  8. Piketty, ThomasCapital and Ideology (Harvard University Press)
  9. Robinson, Kim StanleyStan’s Kitchen (NESFA Press)
  10. Jemisin, N.K.The City We Became
  11. Bell, E.D.E. (ed.) – Community of Magic Pens (Atthis Arts)
  12. Buckell, Tobias S.The Executioness (Subterranean Press)

May (17)

  1. Smith, Patrick (ed.) – Conversations with William Gibson (University Press of Mississippi)
  2. McDermott, J.M.Last Dragon (Apex Book Company)
  3. Poetry #216.2 (May 2020)
  4. Freedman, Carl (ed.) – Conversations with Samuel R. Delaney (University Press of Mississippi)
  5. Calonne, David Stephen (ed.) – Conversations with Gary Snyder (University Press of Mississippi)
  6. Ahmad, Ehsan and Ahmad, ShakilWild Sun (Uproar Books)
  7. Rowland, DianaMy Life as a White Trash Zombie
  8. Chabitnoy, AbigailHow to Dress a Fish (Wesleyan University Press)
  9. Mukomolova, GalaWithout Protection (Coffee House Press)
  10. Matthews, Airea D.Simulacra (Yale University Press)
  11. Foglio, Kaja and Foglio, PhilGirl Genius: Queens and Pirates (Studio Foglio)
  12. Ono, Masatsugo (Turvill, Angus, trans.) – Echo on the Bay (Two Lines Press)
  13. Barrera, Jazmina (MacSweeney, Christina, trans.) – On Lighthouses (Two Lines Press)
  14. Jacobin #37 (Spring 2020)
  15. Bass, EllenIndigo (Copper Canyon Press)
  16. Poetry #216.3 (June 2020)
  17. Wang, M.L.The Sword of Kaigen

June (15)

  1. Lotringer, Sylvère and Morris, David (eds.)  – Schizo-Culture: The Book, The Event (Semiotext(e))
  2. Coe, David B. and Palmatier, Joshua (eds.) – Galactic Stew (Zombies Need Brains LLC)
  3. Butler, S.C. and Palmatier, Joshua (eds.) – Apocalyptic (Zombies Need Brains LLC)
  4. Sarakas, Crystal and Palmatier Joshua (eds.) – My Battery is Low and It’s Getting Dark (Zombies Need Brains LLC)
  5. Meadors, Melanie R. (ed.) – Hath No Fury (Outland Entertainment LLC)
  6. Murphy, Cerece Rennie and Abbott, Alana Joli (eds.) – Where the Veil is Thin (Outland Entertainment LLC)
  7. Boston Review: The Right to Be Elected (45.2)
  8. Dreamforge #5 (March 2020)
  9. Chavez, Felicia Rose, Olivarez, José, Perdomo, Willie (eds.) – The BreakBeat Poets, Volume 4: LatiNext (Haymarket Books)
  10. Benjamin, Ruha (ed.) – Captivating Technology (Duke University Press)
  11. Klein, NaomiThe Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
  12. Pike, J. ZacharyOrconomics
  13. Ashton, DyrkPaternus: War of Gods
  14. Poetry #216.4 (July/August 2020)
  15. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #41

July (13)

  1. Seng Ts’anTrusting the Mind: Zen Epigrams (Empty Bowl; Red Pine, trans.)
  2. A Day in the Life: The Empty Bowl & Diamond Sutras (Empty Bowl; Red Pine, trans.)
  3. The Missionary Sutras: The Forty-Two Paragraphs & The Eight Realizations of a Mahasattva Sutra (Empty Bowl; Red Pine, trans.)
  4. Soto, MikeA Grave is Given Supper (Deep Vellum Publishing)
  5. Davis, JeanDreams of Stars and Lies
  6. The Paris Review #233 (Summer 2020)
  7. Ashton, Dyrk – Paternus: War of Gods (signed, uncorrected proof)
  8. Salvage #8 (Summer 2020)
  9. Woychik, ChilaSinging the Land: A Rural Chronology (Shanti Arts Publishing)
  10. Jessup, Paul – Close Your Eyes (Apex Book Company)
  11. Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed (Nord Games)

August (13)

  1. Jacobin #38 (Summer 2020)
  2. Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #9
  3. Rothstein, RichardThe Color of Law
  4. Alexander, MichelleThe New Jim Crow (The New Press)
  5. Lazzarato, MaurizioThe Making of the Indebted Man (Semiotext(e))
  6. Lazzarato, MaurizioGoverning by Debt (Semiotext(e))
  7. Reckoning #4
  8. Ndiaye, MarieThat Time of Year (Two Lines Press; Stump, Jordan, trans.)
  9. Home (Two Lines Press)
  10. Muir, TamsynGideon the Ninth
  11. Desmond, MatthewEvicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
  12. Giorno, JohnGreat Demon Kings
  13. Dickinson, SethThe Tyrant Baru Cormorant

September (9)

  1. Boston Review #45.3: The Politics of Care
  2. The Paris Review #234
  3. Wilkerson, IsabelCaste: The Origins of Our Discontents
  4. Harvey, Sara M.The Labyrinth of the Dead (Apex Book Company)
  5. Harvey, Sara M.The Convent of the Pure (Apex Book Company)
  6. Genn, RachelWhat You Could Have Won (And Other Stories)
  7. Hernández, Claudia (Sanches, Julia, trans.) – Slash and Burn (And Other Stories)
  8. Poetry #217.1 (October 2020)
  9. Hines, Jim C.Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen (self-published/Kickstarter)

October (9)

  1. Kaneko, W. ToddThis is How the Bone Sings (Black Lawrence Press)
  2. Huff, Crystal M. (ed.) Recognize Fascism (World Weaver Press)
  3. Harrison, JimCollected Ghazals (Copper Canyon Press)
  4. Harrison, JimLetters to Yesenin (Copper Canyon Press)
  5. Stack, GarrettYeoman’s Work (Bottom Dog Press)
  6. Porter, BillRoad to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits (Counterpoint Press)
  7. Datlow, Ellen (ed.) – Edited By (Subterranean Press)
  8. Verso, FrancescoNexhuman (Apex Book Company)
  9. Poetry #217.2 (November 2020)

November (11)

  1. de Bodard, AlietteSeven of Infinities (Subterranean Press)
  2. de Bodard, AlietteOn a Red Station, Drifting (Immersion Press)
  3. Wendig, ChuckDamn Fine Story
  4. Jacobin # 39
  5. Chakraborty, S.A.The Empire of Gold
  6. Steffen, David (ed.) – The Long List Anthology, vol. 6 (Diabolical Plots, LLC.)
  7. Amazing Stories #77.2
  8. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #42
  9. Jones, KirkAetherchrist (Apex Book Company)
  10. Knight, Zelda and Ekpeki, Oghenechovwe Donald (eds.) – Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction From Africa and the African Diaspora (Aurelia Leo)
  11. The Paris Review #235 (Winter 2020)

December (8)

  1. Bebergal, Peter (ed.) – Appendix N.: The Eldritch Roots of Dungeons and Dragons (Strange Attractor Press)
  2. VanderMeer, JeffAmbergris
  3. Longley, CamilleFirefrost
  4. The Boston Review #45.4: Climate Action (Fall 2020)
  5. Stone, RuthThe Essential Ruth Stone (Copper Canyon Press)
  6. Rain Taxi Review of Books #25.4
  7. Myler, Mike and Morrissey, Russ (eds.) – Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters (EN Publishing)
  8. Waggoner, TimSome Kind of Monster (Apex Publications)