Putting My Ducks In a Row

So I realized on Tuesday that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which means I have a kung fu tournament to attend on Saturday. That means a lot of work, umm, today and tomorrow. This year will be the year I redeem myself for getting hurt last year and being at lunch during an event the year before.

Also, I have finished creating the Infinitely Extensible XML/XSL/XHTML Weblog Template System. Not all I need is a content mamagement screen or two and this puppy will be ready to bundle up and offer as freeware/something for my clients… should I ever have any clients… should my current job go sour…

Well, it was a spiffy thing to figure out, and undoubtedly the most useful thing I have created since I started in this line of work.

In two weeks is the BIG kung fu demonstration at the Grand Rapids Arts Festival 2002 (1:00pm on Saturday, June 8 at the adult involvement stage). The day after, I am off for a week of vacation in sunny Richmond, Virginia, in the care and keeping of a beautiful woman.

Sometimes life is goooooooood.

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