Poetic Justice, Kung Fu Style

This past Saturday was the Midland Open Martial Arts Tournament, hosted by Sifu Henry Chung and his students. Eight of us from Master Lee’s class attended, and between us we brought home, I think, fifteen medals in forms and sparring.

During the past two tournaments Rick — our senior student– and I have been attempting to perform a Broadsword vs. Spear set, and for various reasons have not been able. Two years ago a mis-communication found me at lunch when the two-person forms event was held, and last year I zigged when I should have zagged and caught a spear in the eye.

So this year Rick and I sorted out all of the possible contingencies (if one of us loses a weapon segue to an empty handed form; if one of us is hurt that person determines if we continue or stop, based on number of limbs remaining; etc.). Well, it all worked, because not only did we take first place in our division, but about halfway through the form I chopped the tip off of the spear. The same spear which stuck me last year.

So, as Zathras said, at least there is symmetry.

The rest of the weekend found me wandering around trying to find the most comfortable patch of grass in town for a nap. I found a good one, but it is my secret.

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