Ouch Again

So I have what is probably the beginning of a stupendous migraine. A muscle in my scalp just above my right ear is knotted and swollen so that I can see it in the mirror. It feels, to the touch, like half-frozen meat and it is pulling so I feel as if a constant cold wind is blowing deep in my ear. The knot has buried roots all around the right side of my head and down into my neck where I feel the tendons tightening and twisting my head. I sympathise with the guy from PI and his migraines, which he solved with an electric drill.

I have picked up an old Dynamic HTML/Trigonometry experiment from a year ago and am converting it to Flash. Should have it up in a few days…after the Yoga website update… and the Potato Moon website update… and the Sifu Lee site… and the hot date tomorrow…

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