I Got A Million of ‘Em

First, there is some great news! We’re-Here is apparently on it’s way back to the internet! The past five months have been long, cold and lonely.

Second, right now, at this very moment , I am listening to a truly groovy, hip cd: Filmstrip(Frame 1) , from Mush Records. This is the precursor to Ropeladder 12 , which I received as a Christmas present from the drunkard dynamic Mr Bock . Both are full of abstract – avant – underground hiphop. NerdyCool, smart, and totally great programming music.

Third, today for lunch Alison, Michele (coworkers) and I walked downtown and ate at Twochoppers Deli, home of the TwoChopper, which is quite possibly the best sandwich in the entire world. On the way back to work we stopped at the tire swing behind Calder Plaza, which is quite possibly the best tire swing in the entire world. It can comfortably seat eight people, it weighs around two hundred pounds empty, and it is a great place to bring a date. I am not sure what kind of tire it was in its previous life; probably some kind of tractor. A big tractor.

Today’s reason why IE5 Can Tie a Pork-Chop Around Its Neck and Play With a Doberman is the following: Placing block-style elements inside a FORM tag causes the Cascade part of Cascading Style Sheets to stop cascading. So instead of referencing a TD tag as “table.content td”, it must be referenced as “form table.content tr td”. This in and of itself is not such a huge thing, but the FORM tag, which doesn’t actually exist, much like a TR tag doesn’t really exist, shouldn’t have ANY effect on the cascade or styling or space on the webpage, or anything else. And it certainly shouldn’t BREAK anything!

Dear IE5: fuggoff!

( The Spoon Song by Nicodemus and Jay B is totally happenin’)