PHP, XML, DOM, and Other Such Acronyms

For one of the projects at work I dove into the DOMXML capabilities of PHP. DOMXML is a close-to-w3c-standards way of manipulating XML in PHP. Or it is now that Modwest has updated their version of PHP to 4.2.1. It went like this: I sent an email on Monday saying “Any plans to upgrade etc. etc. ?” And they said “Yup. In the next couple of weeks.” and then they said “Done” and I said:

$fName = $root ->get_elements_by_tagname("name");

…and it was good.

So: My next project is to redo the admin section of es.o to reflect the new powers at my disposal, and maybe post a short tutorial on using DOMXML, because documentation for the thing is practically non-existent.

In other news, yesterday I picked up a library card at the newly-reopened downtown branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library.

Let the masses rejoice; reading is cheap again. My current borrow is In Search of the Perfect Language by Umberto Eco.