IT WORKS!!!!!!!!

I….have COMMENTS!!!!!

And nothing to say.

More later.


As I was saying, es.o now has commenting enabled for the individual blog posts. If you click on the title of a post (i.e. “IT WORKS!!!!!!!!![x]”), that will take you to the individual post page, where you may comment on my comments to your heart’s content.

I built the commenting feature using a combination of XML, XSLT, and PHP using the DOMXML capabilities, for which there is little if any documentation, so I pretty much had to make it up as I went along.

Right now I only allow plain text to be added in comments, although URLs will automagically be turned into links…provided they start with “http://” or “www.”. Perhaps once the migraine clears up I will add some simple markup options, a la VBScript – [i] for italics, [b] for bold, and the like.

So there you have it. Right now my brain is full to bursting, so I am going to turn on the television, which will turn my intellect into oatmeal, which will leak out of my ears, thus relieving the headache.