Yer Big Fat Yaps

I am finalizing the comments functionality for this thing. Sometime in the next day or two the Likes Of You will be able to post comments in response to the pearls of wisdom I drop before you on a semi-regular basis.

And in case you were wondering, I still hate Internet Explorer 5. But right now my hate is divided, for the semen-speckled, kneepad-wearing crack-monkey that is the RIAA has brought itself to my attention, and I have for you a new link:

This is an analysis of a lawsuit the RIAA brought against a Princeton student, to the tune of many hundreds of billions of dollars; enough money, in fact, to buy every human being on the planet 3 or 4 music CDs. In this analysis the author brings to light many of the tactics the RIAA uses to enforce its views, including perjury, slander, outright lying, intimidation, hiding of evidence, eating babies, misdirection, and a simple failure to acknowledge that it has no hard evidence that file sharing has cost the music industry a single dime. If you have the time, this paper is very well worth the read.

So soon, my flock. Soon, you will have the ability to voice your awe at the genius that is Be patient, as I am patient.