Music!!! Again

In the interest of promoting both music and Music, I have a few things to share with you.

First, there is an excellent Intellectual Property Weblog over at Berkeley, which is much more interesting than the name implies. As you can imagine, many of the articles involve the baby-eating fascists RIAA.

Second, I just received my first package from CD Baby . If you have not heard of them, they are an online music distributor, unaffiliated with the apocalyptic scumbags RIAA. They stock only independent artists, or the work of more “known” artists (eg. Thomas Dolby) who want to do personal projects. Over the past week I have spend many many hours browsing through their catalog, and I now have two wondrous new CDs.

The first I cannot easily categorize. A little blues, a little rock, a little jazz, and maybe a little tiny bit of surf-punk. The artist is the late, great Tom Pomposello, the album is [Once Were] The Pastures of Plenty . I have not yet removed it from the CD player.

The second is a fusion-celtic-rock band called the Rogues. If you are familiar with the Drovers (Chicago) or Fonnmhor (West Michigan), then these people will not fail to impress. Actually, they are probably closer in sound to Wolfstone. The album is called The Rogues 5.0 , and it Kicketh Much Ass.

Also while browsing around I found that three local bands have their amazing stuff for sale at CD Baby: Fonnmhor , Blue Nebula , and Potato Moon – who have two albums available, Stancil Martin Weber Brown and Midnight Water .

So with that as a starting point, you will never again have to pay another dime to the asshats at the RIAA .